Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Love this lawn

A lawn is so tricky. It is often the element that pulls the entire landscape together....or tears it apart.

Like a wine stain on an area rug, a less-than-perfect lawn distracts the eye. Even if every other part of the landscape is gorgeous, a dead spot in the lawn will command all of the attention.

St. Augustine, the lawn of choice in the Lowcountry, can be a total nightmare to maintain. The list of pests is long, with Brown Patch and Chinch Bugs causing the most damage.

Plus, we have come to think of St. Augustine as "shade-loving" rather than "shade-tolerant." While it will take some shade, it prefers the sun.....yet people are always shocked with the grass under the deep shade of Live Oaks is thin and underwhelming.

My new grass choice for this area is 'Zeon' Zoysia. Prepare to be wowed:

This lawn, installed by Islandscape Landscaping, is perfection. It is lush, thick and wonderful. If you did a survey of landscape professionals in the area, they'd choose this grass as their preferred selection.

Low pest pressure, some shade tolerance, and island-friendly (this Glen Gardner-designed landscape is on Sullivan's Island), 'Zeon' Zoysia is worth the extra cost.

And want to know the best part? Chinch bugs aren't pests of 'Zeon' Zoysia. I'm sold.

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