Saturday, July 10, 2010

You want this plant: Supergreen Giant Liriope

If you've been battling to keep 'Evergreen Giant' Liriope alive the last few years, you probably have a disease called Phytophthora Crown Rot. This disease has become a major problem in the coastal areas of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Each summer, right about now, these plants begin to turn yellow and collapse at the soil line. Here is a picture from a nursery:Once a Liriope is infected, it is not likely to recover. We suffer from this at nurseries year after year and have yet to find a reliable or economical cure.

Fortunately, there is a replacement on the market called 'Supergreen Giant.' Dark green foliage, upright habit and evergreen- this plant has all of the great characteristics of 'Evergreen Giant' and it is disease resistant.

You will pay a little more for this plant because it has been patented and therefore there are royalty fees. But it is worth every penny! The amount of money you will save on fungicides and labor and replacements make this a no-brainer.Landscapers/Landscape Architects/Landscape Designers: You can get this plant in 1's and 4-inch pots at Parson's Nursery in Georgetown. If you are specifying 'Evergreen Giant' on landscape plans, start making the switch to 'Supergreen Giant.' It is a superior cultivar.

Nurseries: You need to start offering this plant.

Homeowners: You need to ask for this by name at your local garden center.

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