Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Update: Baby Jay

Although she doesn't come when I call her anymore, I still see Baby fairly often in a nearby pine tree or at the feeder by my porch. I'm so glad that she has that distinctive habit of rubbing her beak on small branches because it makes it easy for me to spot her.

Saturday morning, while eating a sinfully lazy breakfast on the screened porch, she came to the feeder to get some seeds and flew to the closest pine tree. We watched her give the seed to another Blue Jay! It was so tender and sweet that I instinctively put my hand over my heart like a proud mother.
I still call for her sometimes when I see her in hopes that she will snap out of her rebellion and fly to my finger. So silly, I know.

P.S. Here are the biscuits I made. I know, right?



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