Tuesday, December 15, 2009

These may be my favorite trees in Charleston

If only you could have walked down King Street today in Charleston. Not the shopping district (absolutely not),but just above Broad Street. That is where you would have found a pair of Ginkgos flanking the entrance to the Charleston Library Society at the peak of their fall display.

And they are two of the grandest trees in Charleston.

They go fairly unnoticed through the year; We are a city that worships the Live Oak. But every year, just as everyone is hanging wreaths and stringing lights, the Gingkos command all the attention.

I particularly love the two Gingkos on King Street because of their surrounding architecture and landscape. There is something to be said for a strong, simple design supported by a Podocarpus hedge, two Gingko trees and a manicured lawn.

And the heavy dose of Spanish Moss hanging from the branches just makes me love them more. (How is that possible?!)

I could go on for days, but I'll let the pictures make you jealous that you weren't here to see it for yourself.Perfection.


  1. Well, i have a ginko that's about two feet tall. Someday! Thanks for sharing these photos of these beautiful trees.

  2. Wow! Great pics! Even though I wasn't there, your write up and pics transported me~thanks!


  3. You are so right about the ginko trees. They have been like daytime fireflies!

    Those of us who believe in tree diversity will always have our hands full. As much as I love the live oak, Quercus virginiana, a city which promotes one tree species is asking for trouble.

    If you plant ginko, make sure you plant the males. the fruit from the females is nasty!



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