Thursday, December 10, 2009

Re-thinking Natives

When "native plants" are mentioned, what do you envision?

A free-flowing meadow of grasses and wildflowers? An informal hodgepodge of fruit-bearing trees and shrubs that attract songbirds? An overgrown, impenetrable mixture of vines, shrubs and trees?

..........Well, what about this?

No, this garden is not all natives. But the unifying element, a Yaupon Holly hedge, is indigenous. By tightly shearing it, this evergreen plant becomes a integral part of the design.

Could you have used Boxwoods instead? In my experience they don't do well on the barrier islands (this garden is on the Isle of Palms). Yaupon Holly (Ilex vomitoria) has greater salt tolerance and therefore is more vigorous in this situation.
Wow, right?


  1. It is a conversation that requires knowledge and some depth. Natives does not equal a sure thing. It is all about right place, right plant. Great post.

  2. Yaupons are a tireless workhorse in the garden. Why don't more people use them?



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