Sunday, March 21, 2010

And it was all yellow

My favorite color may well be yellow. I try to tell myself that it is a turquoise-ish shade of blue, but when I step back and look at the colors that dominate my home, it seems to be a golden hue. I think that I once read that yellow is predominately the favorite color of people with mental I have been reluctant to adopt it as my own!

But I'm accepting it for now! This first weekend of spring was a weekend of bright, sunlit yellow and I am happy.

The equinox began with 30 stems of daffodils which I bought for a mere $5. Possibly the best $5 I have ever spent.
My golden-themed weekend continued during a kayaking excursion on the Wambaw River Saturday when a Sulfur butterfly landed on my hand. It was a very "Snow White" moment.
Ahhhhhh, Spring. Thank you for returning. I was worried you had abandoned us.


  1. Lots of yellow around for sure. Glad to see you are enjoying spring!

  2. Turquoise blue and yellow - that sounds wonderful! I love the bouquet of daffodils. \Happy Spring!

  3. Deb- I agree! I love that color combination! The daffodils have been heaven.

    Jim- Nothing is better than spring in Charleston-

  4. Five days later, and the daffodils are still perfect.



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