Saturday, August 28, 2010

Making your yard into a garden

Ever wonder what you house would look like with a new landscape? When you are going to be doing most of the work yourself, it may seem like an out-of-reach luxury to have a landscape plan drawn by a designer or architect.

While hiring a designer or architect is often the way to go- especially if you are changing the grade or building structures- sometimes just some guidance is enough.

Conceptual landscape plans allow you to see the overall picture at an affordable price using computer-generated images.

This house is simply amazing. Even without a plant in the surrounding landscape, it is a showpiece. The dramatic eves, the paint color, the view-framing windows- absolutely stunning. Love love love it.

Using computer imaging, we can digitally place the landscape, giving you an idea of how it will look with trees and shrubs in place. We take the information you provide about the plants you love and the way you want to enjoy your yard to create a landscape that is you. Conceptual plans are good for new landscapes, landscape revitalizations, specific areas of the garden, and basic layouts (i.e. driveway placement). While they do not replace a landscape plan, they are a helpful way to begin.

Call or e-mail us for more information about how to get started and pricing. All it takes is a few photographic images of your house and the process can begin. And most landscapes can be designed and in your hands within 1-2 weeks!

Remember: If you want a gorgeous spring garden, you need to plant this fall!

Scout Horticultural Consulting


  1. When I get a house like this, I promise to call you! Hey, I can do my own plans.......thank you!!!!

  2. In the mean time, tell others to call me! By the way- thanks for the designworks referral!!!!

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