Friday, August 20, 2010


I saw this picture this morning on Jenks Farmer's Twitter page and it reminded me of picking vegetables with my Grandpa Whitley. Did you notice the homemade buckets made from Bluebell ice cream containers? My grandpa also made his own buckets, only his were from old milk jugs. I still make them today.

While ridiculously easy to make, I never see them lying around any of my friends' houses. So I'm going to assume that none of you know about this trick and show you how.

Just cut where I marked with the Sharpie using a knife (Cindy, I know you are cringing right now at the thought of me using my dull knives) or a sturdy pair of scissors. If you follow the bend at the top of the jug, you'll get it right.Here's what you get. It's simple and it works. And the position of the handle makes it comfy (some people call that "ergonomically correct" I believe).What's more, like the re-purposed Blue Bell containers, it fulfills the "reuse" part of the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" mantra we all claim to follow. Fill them with berries, okra, figs, shells, pecans or anything else you like to pick up off the ground or off a plant.


  1. You're so right, I did cringe (and laugh)! My own tip of the day for those who favor a good sharp knife... Wusthof makes a great sharpener which is small and easy for anyone to use. Just run the blade a few times through the course side of the sharpener, and follow with a few times through the fine side and rinse prior to use. . On a side note, the pull apart shears are worth every penny too!

  2. Great how to post. They need a few embellishments to give them that personalized look!

  3. Cindy- You've inspired me to get some new knives. I'm shopping.

    Jim- Whatchu want me to do, bedazzle them? Cover them in gold leaf? God, when are we going to hang out again?! I miss you and your glue gun.



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