Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is so typical II

I don't have TV anymore because I watched (loved) it too much. Since I canceled cable ten months ago, I haven't paid much attention to weather forecasts. And so far, it hasn't been much of a problem.

Until this week.

I left the house early Wednesday morning for a 2-day scouting trip. Uncharacteristically, I loaded the car the day before with every thing I thought I would need.

Microscope? Check. Pruning shears? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Long pants? Nope.

I didn't realize I had forgotten to grab a pair of jeans out of the dryer until I was heading north on the interstate. I really didn't think it would be a problem because I could simply wear my shorts both days.....but then the rain started. And the temperature quickly dropped from a balmy 70 degrees to a terrifying 49 degrees. Since I haven't checked a weather forecast since 2008, I didn't know how much colder it would get. But I knew I was not dressed appropriately.

I was going to look like a fool if I didn't get some pants, so I stopped at an outlet mall just off the interstate and bought the first pair of jeans that I found that were long enough. Wearing them out of the store, I thought, "Ah, crisis averted."

It rained the whole time I was on my trip. The constant chill and dampness made the palms of my hands take on a bluish tint.

Only my hands weren't cold.

In reality, my new, dark denim pants were wet and were staining everything with blue dye. Not only were my hands blue, but now my car interior is blue, too! Nice.

I did remember to pack my boots though!
I think there are two lessons that can be gleaned from this experience:
1. Always wash your jeans before you wear them.
2. Always pack at the last minute so you don't forget anything important. (ha!)
Other than staining the light gray interior of my car, it was a good two days. As luck would have it, rain makes it easier for me to diagnose fungal diseases like Downy Mildew.

The white fluffy stuff on the underside of this rose leaf are the spores of Downy Mildew, caused by the fungus Peronospora sparsa. You can see why it has the specific epithet "sparsa":

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  1. Packing at the last minute do have good points as pointed. But Kakdah will always go for early packing... in some cases, too early!.. haha. ~bangchik



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