Friday, August 7, 2009

This is so typical

I promise not to make this into a blog-blog. Just this once, I wanted to share a glimpse into my personal life. It's not glamorous, but it's real.

A little background: I have wanted a cast net since I moved into my house to catch shrimp and whatever off the dock. They aren't cheap (around $100 maybe?), so I have never bought one. (I'm getting better about separating the "needs" from the "wants", I suppose.)

So, when I was in Georgia the other day, my aunt said that she had a cast net and I could just borrow it and keep it at my house. I was beyond excited.

As soon as I got home last night, before I even went inside, I unpacked the cast net and ran to the dock. After a couple of terrible throws (I need training), I caught a delicious little creek shrimp. This was so thrilling that I ran back to the house to get my camera so I could take a picture of my first shrimp:

Well, apparently you are supposed to tie the net to yourself or something- I forgot to do that on a subsequent throw. And I threw the darn net into the water and watched it sink to the bottom of the creek. At high tide.

Here is the actual toss into the water when I lost the net (notice the "What have I done" body language):

It was too high of a tide for me to get in there and try to find it and I was already late for dinner. So I had to leave it there at the bottom of Ellis Creek. I checked the tide chart to see when a low tide was coming up and decided to look for it the next day. I just knew it was gone forever.

At 3:30 today it was low tide. I had an appointment scheduled for I canceled it.

I rushed home, jumped in the creek and I FOUND IT!

When I later called a good friend of mine to tell him of my good fortune he said, "That is so Lowcountry. And that is so Scout." Absolutely.

Maggie- I'm sorry the cast net spent the night on the bottom of the creek.
Dad- You were right when you predicted that I would do this within 15 minutes.




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