Monday, February 1, 2010

Into the Mystic

I spent the weekend at my family's farmhouse in South Georgia (in a remote unincorporated town called Mystic) with my sister Kelley, cousin Lauren and aunt Maggie. It was a great girl's getaway, complete with bonfires, meals around the farmhouse table and red wine.

My sister, the Norwegian Princess, happens to be a talented photographer and she documented our weekend with her new camera. Here are a few of her images:

HORTICULTURAL NOTE: I was really excited to see the Red Maples (Acer rubrum) flowering. This is the Robin of the plant world- the harbinger of spring. Red Maples are one of the first native trees to flower each year and are a sign that winter won't last forever:


  1. your sister Gwyneth Paltrow?

  2. Fantastic photos! Looks like you had a great girl's getaway. I am getting excited; signs of spring are beginning to show every day, though it is still quite chilly.

  3. Observations from a fellow science chick:
    1) You finally own and wore substantial outer-wear. This winter has forced you to survive temperature adversity and changed you forever.
    2) Your sis definitely channels the grace of angels and has grown into the gorgeous person that shows it on the outside. This is a phenom you seem to be doing yourself. All hail the magnificent Mary Jo for the gifts she shared.
    3) It's amazing to think of the 4 of you in a house together again and the crazy fun and energy that must have generated. Ya'll could fix the world together if you put your minds to it. :)

    Just observations... love, cin

  4. Cindy- I love you and miss you. You should have been with us!!!! You know you are one of the girls! xx



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