Sunday, September 6, 2009

High Quality: The best trowel

Most garden trowels are worthless. They can dig a hole into a bag of potting soil, but that is about it.

Have you ever tried to dig into the actual earth with a trowel? I have. And it is about as discouraging as trying to water your garden with a hose full of kinks.

I have a trowel that works. It is the Wilcox All-Pro No. 100. This 10" fine-pointed trowel can cut through roots and soil. And the sharp edges can slice through a nursery pot if you have a root-bound plant. It is great for breaking up a root ball, opening a bag of potting soil or quickly cutting twine.

This tool is so sharp that when you purchase one ,the beveled sides of the stainless-steel trowel are covered with a piece of plastic so you won't hurt yourself. Love, love, love.

Hyam's Garden Center on James Island has this trowel for sale for only $12.95 each.


  1. I like their whole line of tools. The thinner one is great for bulb planting and for planting small seedlings in the vegetable garden.

  2. I am spoiled by this trowel...I've get anxious when I can't find it and think that I've lost it somewhere! I remember using it for the first time and thinking, "Finally!". I went back to Hyam's the next day and bought two more for back-up.



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