Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Now is the time to plant Cassia

Just a reminder to every landscaper, designer and architect in the Lowcountry:

In about a month, Cassia will begin to bloom downtown. There is one tree in particular on South Battery that launches tourists into a frenzy each fall.

Once they flower, every one of your clients is going to want to know the name of the tree with the bright yellow flowers. And then they are going to tell you that they want one.
The time to buy and plant them is right now, before they flower. Today, I saw the perfect crop at Green Meadow Nursery in Meggett, South Carolina. They grow them in 3- and 7-gallon containers. I like the 7-gallons because they are well-formed and more mature plants. This is the only nursery where I have seen garden-worthy Cassia.

While I was there, I noticed a lot of really great plants including Blueberries, Camellias, and tree-formed Bottlebrush (in bloom).

Young Blueberry crop:


  1. I bet you didn't know that I love your blog. Check out my newest find... Quail Hollow Farms CSA in Moapa, NV. We're getting a fall share to get a weekly delivery of locally farmed (sustainably) fruits and veggies per the season. I can't believe they're making this happen in our desert, but I'm thrilled to be able to support them and try to help keep it going!

  2. Hey Kari! Just a note on cassia- the deer tend to munch it out on Seabrook. I still plant it, but I protect them with barriers- these can be a bit ugly at first, but once the cassia is nice and big, you don't notice them as much! Great blog! Keep em coming!

    Marge Rudisill

  3. Good to know about the deer, Marge.
    I feel the same way about Cassia- they are like the shy kid at school that you never notice....then all of a sudden they are belting out show tunes at the talent show- they go from hidden in the shadows to a scene-stealer overnight!
    What are some good deer-proof plants that you have discovered lately?

    Cindy....I love you. I'm so glad you are supporting your local farmers out in Vegas! When I come to visit, let's visit the farm!

  4. Kari~I just saw your follow up post...two+ months later! Love your analogy! Good deer proof plants lately, well....I have been using the New Zealand flax lilies and they have left those alone. Nice sub for liriope and the like. I'll think up some more and post later~happy holidays!




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