Monday, September 7, 2009

Garden Finds

Attention, gardeners- I found great garden items at Hungryneck today.

LOVELY BIRD BATHI'm not a fan of most bird baths because the scale is usually wrong for the garden and they can seem dinky. But this one is the perfect height (almost waist-high on me) and has a beautiful scalloped edge. It would work well in a downtown courtyard or suburban garden. And $125- I've seen tacky bird baths for more than that.

I also like these urns. For under $130, you can have all three. Perfect for a lazy gardener like myself because you can "stage" plants in them if you have a party coming up. Here's what you do:

1. Go to the garden center and buy three gorgeous hanging baskets. Remove the wire hangers from each basket.

2. Take a few empty soda cans out of the recycle bin and put them in the bottom of each urn.

3. Put a hanging basket in each urn on top of the soda cans (the cans make a lightweight base for the hanging basket to sit on so you don't waste any potting soil). Do not remove the plastic "basket" from the plants.

4. Prepare to wow your friends with your horticultural skills.

I think this tool caddy was only $18. It would be a great gift on its own. Or you could make it an extra-special gift if you filled it with daffodil bulbs and a bulb planter (Wilcox brand, of course).


I had a horticulture professor in college who wore the silliest-looking hats. Now, I've joined the club. I can't believe I let this one get away.....


  1. Girl you are killing me with your fashion snese here! Just kidding. Great info in this post on instant urn. Always forget about those aluminum cans. They do make a great bottom filler with good drainage to boot!!!

  2. You're going to love hanging out with me when we're old.....I'm going to wear HUGE ridiculous hats at all times.



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