Sunday, August 16, 2009

An unexpected twist on Charleston style

I love subtle twists on traditional design. When I saw this wrought-iron railing with a pink Mandevilla vine twining through it, I was instantly taken by the effect created by the green coat of paint (the front door is painted the same color). So unexpected.....As my grandmother would say, "It winked at me".

The bright green railing instantly cools this full-sun location. Typically, an open area along a sidewalk feels hot and uninviting during the brutal summer months. By painting a black railing a crisp green color and adding larger-leaved plants like Banana, Coleus and Mandevilla, this area evolves from the common "front stoop" into a charmingly unexpected focal point.

Carolina Landscape, Inc. installed this garden a couple of years ago. The design, drawn by the himeowner, was thoughtfully executed to ensure that the landscape looks good every season.

And the parrot-green railing gives just enough pop to keep it from being ordinary.


  1. It really is a nice twist on the traditional dark railing.....feels tropical especially with the banana plant in the background.

  2. I Love the combo, so current since Parrot Green is the new olive! I love it when combined with pure pink and red. Almost, Japanese!

  3. It was surprisingly subtle....when I walked up to the railing, I didn't register at first that it was green- It made the Mandevilla look really yummy and vibrant.



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