Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Gardener's Dharma

There are gardeners, and then there is Jim Martin.

I stopped by David and Jim's house the other day to drop off some papers, wandered through the garden and felt a horticultural rebirth. What I love most about Jim's garden is that it feels so right on James Island. It's lush and wild.

This water jar in the middle of the garden paths caught my eye. These greens and blues remind me of marsh grass and Carolina skies. It's my favorite color combination.

To know more about Jim, visit Compostinmyshoe or Charleston Parks Conservancy.


  1. You make me blush.......hate I missed you. You are the first person to describe the lack of maintenance on that specific jug as a plus!!! Makes my day.

  2. I have a plant pathologist's eye now....I find beauty in algae...I shun sterility.



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