Sunday, August 2, 2009

Local Bounty

I don't take advantage of the local foods and flowers of the Lowcountry nearly enough. I talk about it and I want to walk-the-walk, but too often I end up at the grocery store where I can get everything in one stop. And as a result, I am seldom enthusiastic about my purchases.

Yesterday, I went out to Sidi Limehouse's place, Rosebank Farms, on John's Island (it's on the left just before you get to Kiawah). The fruits and vegetables are inspiring even to a non-cook like myself. I happen to like produce that isn't carbon-copy perfect. And I don't like to ever consume a tomato, peach or blueberry that has been refrigerated- they just aren't as good.

So, while I was there I thought that Offshoots doesn't have to be only about ornamental plants. After all, I scout for orchards and local farms as well.

What I found today at Rosebank Farms were the best tomatoes of the season, grown on John's Island, for $2/lb. And peaches that I made into a Lazy Girl Cobbler. And fresh local shrimp for only $5/lb! Heaven.

The recession has been hard on me financially. But in a way, I am thankful for this slow-down. I have cut out some of the extras (like cable TV) and I'm fine with that.

But there are certain things I have to continue spending money on, like food. So why not make purchasing food into a sensory experience rather than a chore? My grandparents' lives were shaped by the Great Depression. They knew the difference between "cheap" and "value". I hope to learn the same lessons from this recession and carry them with me though my life.

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  1. Cooking some lazy girl cobbler now for my nephew's birthday dinner with the family... keep your fingers crossed! love, cin



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