Friday, August 7, 2009

Silverband Iris

I have been watching this iris growing at Dudley Nurseries all summer and I am impressed. Unlike many irises that fade once they have flowered, Siliverband Iris (Iris ensata 'Silverband') has continued to thrive.

There are other variegated irises in the market, but this one is superior. The other variegated irises have floppy leaves with brown edges and tips this time of year.

Silverband Iris likes part-shade to full sun and gets about knee-high. In June-July, the deep purple flowers appear- and they are gorgeous in contrast with the striped foliage.

I love that 'Silverband' still looks good after it flowers! This picture was taken yesterday at the nursery- every plant is perfect. They would look great in large drifts or as a focal plant (they really light up a shady spot).

This iris has looked good the entire growing season- and that's rare for an iris. This plant is garden-worthy.

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