Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mexican White Oak at Specialty Trees

If you've never heard of the Mexican White Oak, Quercus polymorpha, take notice. This drought tolerant oak grows quickly and is a great option for the Southeast. Growing up to 40 high and wide, this tree works as a landscape or street tree. The hardiness zones are listed as 7 to 10- simply perfect for this area.

And one of the best features is the new growth in the spring. The leaves emerge bright pink and are highly pubescent- like a mouse's ear. As the foliage expands, the leaves become a muted blue-green.

The only place I've ever seen them grown is at Specialty Trees at Ashe Point Plantation. Call Tony at 843-324-1437 to make an appointment and he'll show you the incredible selection of container-grown trees.

This is a plantsman's nursery and you'll enjoy every minute while you are there.

This nursery selects trees with multi-season interest like Weeping Hornbeam, Evergreen Maple, Dawn Redwood, Weeping Bald Cypress and Persian Ironwood. Specialty Trees is open to both wholesale and retail customers.

Since it is located off Highway 174 towards Edisto Island, I suggest making an afternoon out of your excursion. After looking at trees, stop in Po-Pigs BBQ for the best barbecue ever, then stock up with double-yolk eggs, pimento cheese and fresh local veggies from King's Market. Finish it all off with a quick dip in the Atlantic Ocean and I think you'd have a pretty exceptional day.

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